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Konichiwa minna-san!!!

After a few months of hiatus on on scanlating Durarara!! DJ's, today I proudly present to you guys another joint projects scanlations release on this series (throws confetti again... Yeah!!!) xD. It's been 4 months since I last release a DRRR!! doujinshi scanlation & I'm really happy that I'm able to release another one at the start of the year 2013^^. To be honest, our translator soranoleviathan had sent the translation to me last year, despite her busy life she manage to complete this one for me. But, the other 2 projects are still in translations & will be released... Eventually..

Though I got the translations last year, it was until now that I was able to work on it because I've been busy releasing Gintama doujins instead^^u. Please don't blame for getting seduced by the yummy Team Fairy Rose's Gintama releases, I just can't help myself from re-scanlating them to English >.<. In addition to that, I've got more Gintama projects in store & most of them had already been cleaned, only translations are in waiting. Rest assure that even though I've scanlated more Gintama doujins as compared to Durarara!!, my No.1 fandom will always be Durarara!!. Apart from that, I've also decided to take a break from taking more DRRR!! projects until the other 2 are finally released. I do have some more in minds but I'll add them after the other 2 are completed. In the meantime, to satisfy your craze for Shizaya & DRRR!! you just can head over to Dear Marionette's site. We have many projects on DRRR!!, you guys would go crazy if you see our on-going project list xD.

For those who might be wondering why did all my DRRR!! projects have the word "joint project" in it, this is because every DRRR!! projects that I've released is a joint with one of Oretachi no Yaoi staffs, shiro_shoujo & all the right to re-scanlate my releases into Spanish belongs to her. Those who want to re-scanlate my releases to other languages besides Spanish can read the "Joint Projects Scanlation Rules" to know from whom do you need to get permission from.

My usual reminder regarding my releases : You guys can share this doujinshi but remember to credit us and link back to our LJ's. More importantly and seriously, please don't take out the credit page and also the scanner's credit page (if any) if you guys want to share or post any of my releases at reading only sites/forum.

Alright, the download links can be found below & yes, today's release is an R18 one... I know, you guys just love perverted stuffs aren't you? Hehehehehe....

Koisuru Recipe 00
        Title : Koisuru Recipe
        Circle/Doujinka : ArabicYAMATO/Sakura Kawori
Pairing : Shizuo x Izaya
Rating : R18
        Language : English
Pages : 37 pages (including front + back covers)
        Translation : soranoleviathan
        Proofreader (Jap - Eng) : nherizu
        Editor and Scanlation : meo23
QCer : shiro_shoujo
        Cleaner : luna_cristal
        Raws : shazamscans

Download Link :



Jan. 20th, 2013 04:47 pm (UTC)
You're welcome^^

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